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George Iliev, Director AMBA: We actually accredit the institution that delivers the programme" Feb. 2019

In fact there were few institutions in Russia in the past ten years that did more to promote AMBA (Association of MBAs) in Russia, than RABE and MBA.SU. We always emphasize that AMBA accreditation is synonymous with quality of business education. Recently, the number of accredited business schools in Russia has increased significantly. George Iliev, Director of the MBA in China and developing markets responded to the most actual issues of MBA.SU.

Timothy S. Mescon, Executive VP of AACSB tells about the accreditations and online MBA programs. Jan. 2018

There are indeed similarities worldwide. Generally, the differentiator that demonstrates true global quality and adherence to global quality assurance standards is the imprimatur of accreditation. In the case of AACSB accredited schools, distance learning/digitally delivered programs must be of the same quality as those delivered face-to-face or in a blended format. There is no acceptable alternative.

How many business schools AMBA could acredities yet? Sept. 2017

Recently the AMBA (Association of MBA's) is intensifying its activity in different countries. AMBA is trying to increase its weight in the global business education by comparison with the partners in the tripple crown - the AACSB and EFMD. As a result, in particular, in Russia, the number of accredited AMBA business schools is increasing.

In South America and Mexico (in nine countries), together, MBA programs of 30 business schools was AMBA accredited, but in Russia alone there are already 12, i.e., the number of accredited committed to 20%. Someone will say: it`s very well, we have a lot of business schools with high level of quality. I agree - a lot, but now it's not about them, but about a possible trend.

On the one hand, it's really good - more of the MBA programs in Russian business schools are involved in the orbit of serious, in-depth analysis of the organization of learning that take place in the period of accreditation. On the other - there is a real concern that the plans for further expansion of AMBA in Russia may lead to the accreditation those business schools, whose status among the top Russian business schools is, at least, in serious doubt.

French, Russian business schools come together in Moscow June 2013

The increasingly global nature of national economies is having an effect not merely on business itself, but on business education. <..>

Everything happening in the country in the economy and business has an immediate impact on the content and practice of business education. Society and business are not only the environment where MIRBIS graduates and current students work, but are also our end-consumers: The better our graduates are prepared for work, the more highly we can rate the effectiveness of the business school. One criterion is the demand for graduates: 83 percent of MIRBIS graduates find work in their field or get a promotion in the first three months after finishing their program.

New Study Ranks MBA Programs Sept.2012

The Russian MBA League and the Superjob.ru Research Center have released a study showing which Russian business education programs provide their graduates with the largest salary increases and best career growth.

From March through June, the researchers surveyed 838 graduates of 49 Russian business schools. They also asked 500 employees in top management positions (both with and without MBA degrees) at large Russian companies about their salary expectations.

The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration took first place in the study: Graduates increased their incomes by 70 percent on average within two years of finishing.

Employers Question MBAs as Employees Rave Jan.2011

The first MBA programs in Russia appeared more than 20 years ago. But to this day, employers have assigned little value to diplomas from Russian business schools and have given preference to job candidates with practical skills.

Yet graduates have a shot at making full use of their MBAs if they establish a clear-cut career plan early on and set concrete goals for themselves, job experts told Vedomosti.

Demand for MBAs in Russian May 2010

The world's third most-spoken first language and, more importantly, its most popular second language, English is often, somewhat ironically, labeled the lingua franca of the business world.

But not all Russia's businesspeople are English speakers, and learning a language to study for a master of business administration degree can be time-consuming. "When I was looking at studying, I had a choice: either study language or an Executive MBA," said Vladimir Verbitsky, first deputy director of the Russian Institute of Directors.

As a result Verbitsky, an independent director at several Russian firms, opted to look for a Russian-language program. Having originally decided on a course at a Russian institution, he changed his decision on finding a Western business school offering EMBA courses in Russian.

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