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30.09.2017 / V. Kravtsov
Источник: MBA.SU

How many business schools AMBA could accredities in Russia yet?

Recently the AMBA (Association of MBA's) is intensifying its activity in different countries. AMBA is trying to increase its weight in the global business education by comparison with the partners in the tripple crown - the AACSB and EFMD. As a result, in particular, in Russia, the number of accredited AMBA business schools is increasing.

In South America and Mexico (9 countries), MBA programs of 30 business schools was AMBA accredited, but only in Russia there are already 12, i.e., the number of accredited committed to 20%. Someone will say: it`s very well, we have a lot of business schools with high level of quality. I agree - a lot, but now it's not about them, but about a possible trend.

On the one hand, it's really good - more of the MBA programs in Russian business schools are involved in the orbit of serious, in-depth analysis of the organization of learning that take place in the period of accreditation. On the other - there is a real concern that the plans for further expansion of AMBA in Russia may lead to the accreditation those business schools, whose status among the top Russian business schools is, at least, in serious doubt.

In Russia, thanks to by our total outreach efforts, the AMBA accreditation has become a symbol of quality MBA programs. Simultaneously greatly grows a number of those BS which wishes to get it. Moreover, with the increase in the number of business schools, which passed through accreditations AMBA, a lot of B-schools have got an experience for not only of the self-reports proper preparation, but also for smart presenting the results of activities to the Commission of Foreign Experts.

In this way, more and more the accreditation procedures are become more technical. And the size of the accreditation fees becomes available for the business schools who wants to get a certificate of AMBA accreditation for exclusively as a marketing tool.

a lot of b-schools have got an experience not for only of the self-reports proper preparation, but for also smart presenting the results of activities to the Commission of Foreign Experts „

In the absence, practically, of the serious independent national expertize, the foreign experts of AMBA could estimate only educational audiences, the decoration of the staff room, and the collection of publications in the media (90% were paid by the business school). As the result in the question of confirmation of the quality of MBA, money is the strongest argument.

It seems that the question of what kind of the reputation has the business school in the national market, recently is not in AMBA` field of view. Whether it is engaged in the sale of mini-MBA programs, deceives potential customers with unfair advertising - these issues are not examined in the report, of course.

Whether the reputation of the business school at the national market of business education is important parameter for AMBA when it makes accreditation decisions or the more important task of the Association is now another - the growth of "muscles" through expansion of membership and the number of accredited business schools? Let's see who will be the next accredited business school on our market.

Perhaps all this thoughts are not so critical, but knowing how easily we could transform "crucian" into "pig", it's hard to escape of the feeling that such an impressive barrier for schlock like AMBA, may not resist faced the onslaught of unscrupulous applicants.



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